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First steps with Ship-e-Motion: Send a request

Here's how to send a request to Ship-e-Motion in 5 easy steps.

1. Select the type of transport from the menu on the left

Follow the 4 steps for an online offer

2. Addresses details

Specify the start and end point of delivery. To select a specific airport or port, move the marker to the icon with symbol "airplane" or "ship".

For a specific address, click the 'Choose an address' checkbox.

The postal code is required.

3. Shipment terms

Indicate the payer of the transport, followed by specific conditions of delivery (Incoterms).

4. Goods details

Introduction of specific details and parameters of the goods such as final transport unit, unit weight, volume of a single package, as well as special parameters.

If the goods require a special mode of transport such as:

- Temperature regime

- Dangerous cargo

- Non stackable cargo

- Valuable goods, mark here:

5. Confirm and send

Opportunity to make additional comments, add a file and send a request.

With online prices available, you could switch to an order by clicking "Confirm and Order".

In cases when they are not displayed online, the Ship-e-Motion team will add in the module Offers / Total price.

No need to follow this process, as you will receive a notification in the client portal.

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