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The impact of COVID-19 on Air transport

🌎With the proliferation of COVID19, many airlines announced a partial or complete suspension of their flights. The need for passenger flights is declining amid the pandemic, and freight is facing the challenge of an ever-changing environment.

✈️All changes lead to a lack of sufficient capacity for the transport of goods without guaranteed reservations, due to the prioritization of medical supplies and goods related to the prevention of the spread of COVID 19.

💰Air fares are constantly rising, and airlines reserve the right to make any changes. ✅ Due to the impossibility to provide a guaranteed service with a fixed transit time during this force majeure situation, large companies with the need for fast delivery of large volumes, solve the case by chartering an aircraft. In this way they guarantee the timely receipt of goods. 👥 Working closely with airlines, we aim to ensure full transparency of the situation in order to be useful in planning your business in this environment of dynamic change. To arrange all subsequent air deliveries Ship-e-Motion is available for advice and recommendation.

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